About Us

As a professional Certified Public Accounting firm serving clients in the greater Phoenix, AZ area as well as other states throughout the country, we provide all the usual CPA services, such as:

•     Income tax preparation & filing

•     Cash flow analysis

•     Income tax planning

•     Systems and accounting advice

•     Retirement plans

•     CPA prepared financial statements

However, we also provide Financial Management Advice and Assistance – with a special focus on creating customized Management Action Reports that have the critical and timely information you’ll use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help you make quantified and better informed business decisions that will make your company more successful.

To receive a financial statement even 15 days after month-end may be too late.  In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, you need to have your company’s critical financial information at your fingertips on a daily/weekly basis so you can make timely management decisions before it’s too late. The customized Management Action Reports we create for you identify the critical areas of information you need to react quickly and decisively, such as:

•     What is your current backlog?

•     What percent of your current sales are from new customers?

•     What is your current new order volume (by major sales mix)?

•     What are your current Top 5 and Bottom 5 selling products or services?

•     What is your current on time delivery performance?

•     What are your current Accounts Receivable?

The lack of timely and accurate answers to these questions has guaranteed the demise of many an entrepreneur.

We believe we are unique as a CPA firm because our objective is to be more than just your financial historians. Our desire is to be pro-active in the successful development and growth of your business through:

•     Creation of weekly Management Action Reports for your specific company

•     Determine your fully loaded cost of labor in the field or shop for better and more accurate budgeting/bidding

•     Determine your variable vs. fixed costs and break-even point

•     Assist in critical management and management succession issues

Once success and sustainable growth is established, we then advise owners in the development of long-term personal financial diversification and security matters as well as exit strategies for reaping the benefits of the business they have developed.

Added to that philosophy is our practice of training the client (and their staff) to do as much of the work as possible in order to reduce expense and create more timely/accessible information.

Our many satisfied clients in a wide variety of industries and professional services believe our professional financial management skills and insight have, in part, helped to ensure their financial success and contributed to their growth. Oh yes, we also helped them reduce their taxes!